media: pastel on paperdimensions: 34 x 27cm (13.4 x 10.6in)AVAILABLE
Fuga 06/07/2007, 2007


media: pastel on paper 

dimensions: 34 x 27cm (13.4 x 10.6in) 


John Mack

Gallery Acá 

is more than an agency for promoting art. Gallery Acá represents an aesthetic concept: movement and energy in the creative act, beauty and elegance in its execution. From there emanates the selection of artists who form this initiative. There are always two currents in art: one in which the artist strives for a work that serves as a document for its time, the other which creates art and beauty with the methods and resources of its time but which later separates from it and becomes a universal expression, beyond the historic moment of its creation. We believe that living with art, with beautiful objects, can take the human to an elevated state of being, to a higher understanding of our surroundings and the cosmos ­ as propose many great thinkers, from the Greek philosopher Plato to the German writer Friedrich Schiller in his essay: "On the aesthetic education of man." 

The artists of Gallery Acá unite a vision that no longer pretends to be primordial but one which reflects the ingenuity and genius of the creator. All have a strong will to discover beauty in the moment of creating: a new form, a sensual line that comes about, simple and elegant, a surprising composition, a fluid movement. "Elegance is a sensual line", as I have written in a text about art. All aspire to materialize a gesture, a constellation that reflects the creative instant in a perfect manner. The artists of Gallery Acá are distinguished for an elaborate handling of the techniques which they employ; whether it be painting in oil/acrylic, pastel or ink, photography, ceramics or paper. Every work brings with it those two components; an ingenious idea and a meticulous, loving execution. The artists invite us to discover new forms of seeing the world and the human being. They take us to universal visions, open the horizon to the cosmos and inspire themselves in its movements. 

Many of the artists live and work in Oaxaca, land famous for being recipient of strong cosmic energies. To submit to these energies more than to the famous myths of the Oaxacan land is what brings them here. The results are works of art that vacillate between the creative force and the meditative tranquility that inspires the universe. 

-Susanne Steines 


Allende 107 

Colonia Centro 

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca 



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